Tim Heywood wins ISS Leadership Award

Tim Heywood International Superyacht Society

Tim Heywood was awarded the prestigious International Superyacht Society (ISS) Leadership Award earlier this month at the 25th Anniversary ISS Awards Gala in Florida.

“Tim has had a huge influence at the highest level of the yachting industry,” Rob Luijendijk, Managing Director, AMELS, said. “Over the last decade we’ve built almost 30 yachts from his six 55 to 83-metre Limited Editions designs. And of course, he is widely known for his great masterpieces, some the largest yachts out there, TOPAZ and AL MIRQAB for example.

“Without exception, Tim Heywood-designed yachts have proven timeless, both in looks and in value, while pushing the boundaries of shipbuilding and craftsmanship. He is a consummate professional and Owners know that every detail of their yacht is pure Tim Heywood. And they also enjoy getting to know him and his great sense of humour!”

AMELS began their design collaboration with Tim Heywood over ten years ago on the first AMELS Limited Editions yacht, Deniki. 

Luijendijk recalls it as an entirely new approach for the industry.

“At the time, Tim’s unique and highly original design for the 115-metre PELORUS was really setting the industry alight. So we weren’t sure what he would think when we approached him to work on this unusual concept for what became the 52-metre AMELS 171. Nobody had done anything like it before, and certainly not with a designer of Tim’s stature. But he understood immediately what we’re trying to do and he came up with an incredible design.”

The range now includes six Tim Heywood designs. The sale of a 55 metre AMELS Limited Editions 180 was finalised at the Monaco Yacht Show this year with Jonathan Zwaans of Y.CO representing the buyer.

“It’s one of the great success stories of high-end yacht building, and we couldn’t have done that without Tim Heywood” concluded Luijendijk.