Lurssen fire update: Shipyard blaze put out in Germany

A fire engulfed the the Lürssen-Kröger shipyard in Rendsburg, Germany.

L?rssen-Kr?ger on the Kiel Canal at Schacht-Audorf, Germany, builds luxury super yachts.

Firefighters have put out the major fire which broke out on Tuesday at a Lürssen shipyard in Rendsburg, Germany.

The blaze engulfed a hall containing a large yacht thought to be the 80m yacht Honolulu, according to local media station SHZ.

One person received minor smoke injuries and local residents were evacuated after a thick black plume rose from the yard.

The fire, which broke out at about 0920 on Tuesday, was extinguished in the early hours of Wednesday morning.

“We will now begin the clean-up work step by step in coordination with the responsible authorities,” said an updated statement from Lürssen.

“Shipyard operations have been suspended for today and will be gradually restarted in designated areas of the shipyard site from tomorrow, depending on the circumstances. Employees will be kept informed of the latest developments. Please understand that we are unable to provide any further details until further notice.”

In September 2018, a fire tore through parts of Lürssen’s Bremen shipyard, with more than 110 firefighters tackling the blaze. A 100-metre yacht under construction was severely damaged.

In December 2023, a 130m superyacht caused significant damage to the doors of a dry dock and injured an employee after an incident at the Lürssen shipyard in Bremen, Germany.


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