Silent-Yachts and Silent-Resorts to build new solar-powered resort in Fiji


Austrian solar-powered shipbuilder Silent-Yachts will build a new resort in Fiji, powered entirely by solar energy through its luxury resort partner, Silent-Resorts.

The new location offers potential owners 50 luxury residences and access to Silent-Yachts’ solar-electric powered tenders, speed boats and catamaran fleet. Silent-Resorts said the move to build a new resort was driven by the successful residency sales from its first resort in Exuma, the Bahamas.

“After considering numerous possible locations, we are delighted to be finalising the approval process for our latest location in Fiji,” Victor Barrett, CEO, Silent-Resorts. “When we officially announce the location in the next month or so, we will also offer exclusive stays at the existing facilities for those interested in learning more firsthand about Silent Resorts Fiji.”

With the Bahamas resort scheduled for completion in early 2024, the second resort will be built on a private island in the Fijian archipelago. Silent Resorts claims the new facility will provide a “zero-carbon, sustainable private escape” on the tropical island.

“With its beautiful, untouched natural surroundings on both land and sea and the incredible and welcoming hospitality of the Fijian people, this is the perfect base for us to create our next 100% solar-powered luxury adventure destination, what we like to call ‘radical sustainability’,” said Barrett.

There are two ownership models available: co-ownership and whole ownership of the Silent Estate Residences on the island. Both options offer access to management services for the owner’s superyachts and property. Buyers also have the option to obtain Fijian residency, allowing them to stay as long as they want on the South Pacific Island.

Through our ownership options, our mission is to make island residence and luxury yacht ownership more affordable and accessible,” added Barrett.

Michael Köhler, founder and CEO, Silent-Yachts said that the collaboration between the two companies presents more sustainable holiday home options for its superyacht owners around the world.

“Owners at Silent-Resorts can explore the stunning natural surroundings on board fully solar-powered yachts, which are integrated with the resorts’ pre-engineered, modular, low-impact land-based infrastructure,” said Köhler. “In short, we are offering the ultimate Fijian escape to our owners.”

Construction is set to begin on Silent Resort Fiji’s marina and beach club by the end of 2023.