Oceanco, Bozca, and Pelorus create an NFT yachting experience


Pelorus is offering real-world benefits for owners of Oceanco’s digital Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs). The experiential yachting company and Dutch shipbuilders have partnered with Bozca Limitless Design studio to develop a series of uniquely identifiable digital artworks that will grant holders access to travel experiences among other benefits.

Oceanco’s digitally verifiable Superyacht NFT collection, designed by Timur Bozca, CEO, Bozca Limitless design, will give owners access to Pelorus travel adventures around the world.

What we will be able to do with the technology is verify who’s holding the NFT and then through our system, they will be able to converse with our team of expert travel designers who will offer them exclusive benefits [such as special events],” Jake Pickering, global partnerships manager, Pelorus told Superyacht Investor.

In the spirit of adventure and exploration, both digital and in real life, when we were approached by Oceanco to get involved with the NFT space, we felt it was our duty to explore,” said Pickering. Exclusive events and discounted rates on charter, private island hire and accommodation are but some of the benefits that holders can hope to expect.  

“We are delighted to support Oceanco, and their partners, in bringing superyacht NFTs to life,” said Geordie Mackay-Lewis, CEO, Pelorus. “We’ve always felt a natural affinity towards the Oceanco team and their forward-thinking approach to exploration.”

Oceanco is one of the first companies in the yachting industry to launch into the metaverse with a series of NFTs. After the previous partnership with Bozca and Pelorus in the design of the concept yacht, Esquel, the superyacht NFT collection features several iterations of the concept 344ft (105m) expedition vessel (pictured). This has been made possible with the help of blockchain developers CasperLabs, Megalodon, and Dgallery to ensure the NFT’s unique digital identification is secure.

“It’s incredibly exciting to be involved with such a pioneering project to help modern travellers discover the world through true utilisation of blockchain technology,” said Mackay-Lewis.

NFTs are a hot asset class. Sales of NFTs reached $25bn (£20.6bn) in 2021, compared with $94.9m (£81.8m) the year before, according to data from market tracker DappRadar. NFTs allow businesses to create proof of ownership or attendance. This could be ownership of an asset (either digital or physical) or an experience.

“Granting our community from around the world access to some of the enjoyments, such as taking part in the design of your very own digital yacht NFT, is a world first,” added Marcel Onkenhout, CEO, Oceanco.