Viken Group acquires Hotlab


SYI Summary

  • Italian yacht design and architecture firm, HotLab join Viken Group in the latest partnership formed by the Swedish umbrella company.
  • Italian design and naval architecture firm, Thalia Marine also joined Viken Group earlier this year.
  • Formed in early 2022, Viken Group was established by Tillberg Design of Sweden.


Viken Group announces the acquisition of the Italian Yacht Design and Architecture firm HotLab. The acquisition is the latest in a series of strategic partnerships and acquisitions strengthening Viken Group’s global offering of comprehensive design, naval architecture and project management services to both the cruise line and yachting industries.

Established in early 2022, Viken Group was formed by world-renown design firm Tillberg Design of Sweden (TDoS) in an effort to provide global expertise in multiple targeted areas of yacht and cruise line design and build.

HotLab’s “Architecture for Voyagers” approach to the design of its forward-leaning superyacht projects has garnered the firm dozens of prestigious international awards and accolades since its founding in Milan in 2004. Its intelligent yet simple approach to design relies heavily on calculated research and a purposeful balance between functional style and luxury.

HotLab joins TDoS and the Italian design and naval architecture firm Thalia Marine under the Viken Group umbrella, in a collaboration that will facilitate cost-efficient, customized service with stream- lined production process for each client. HotLab will maintain its office and employees in Milan, Italy, with company founders Enrico Lumini and Antonio Romano remaining at the helm.

“We have always focused on the quality of our design and on the professionalism of the entire HotLab team. As a proud extension of the Viken Group family, we can only increase both,” says Enrico Lumini, Design Manager HotLab.

“Becoming part of the Viken Group is something that makes us extremely proud. It is but more demonstration of our accomplishments to date and the promise of the development of even greater projects in the future,” adds Antonio Romano, Marketing Manager HotLab.“We are thrilled to welcome HotLab and its employees to Viken Group. HotLab’s Architecture for Voyagers approach is a welcome addition to our Group’s global offerings, which also comprise TDoS’s expertise in comprehensive cruise ship and large yacht design, and Thalia Marine’s technical brilliance. We are well on our way to realizing our vision to be better together for our employees and our clients, while striving for our overall goal of a better tomorrow,” says Stefan Nilsson, CEO Viken Group.

“The acquisition allows TDoS to maintain its focus on cruise ships and large yachts while continuing to hone its unrivalled expertise in large ship back-of-house operations, meeting SOLAS regulations and cost-effective design solutions. We are well versed in the design and management of large projects and routinely coordinate with a variety of experts in multiple areas, from lighting to naval architecture, to ensure the best possible product for the end users. Viken Group’s strategic coordination allows TDoS to continue our exploration and expansion of sustainable design within the simplistic and natural approach that is inherent to our Scandinavian design heritage,” says Daniel Nerhagen, Yacht Director TDoS.

The acquisition of HotLab will both enrich and strength our cruise business Hall. “Collaborations between TDoS and HotLab will infuse the DNA of private luxury yacht design into cruise ships, thereby facilitating the design of super luxurious and efficient cruise ships. At the same time, our yacht brand will benefit from the commercial knowledge that we have from decades of experience in the cruise ship segment,” says Madelene Hall, CEO TDoS.