Heesen Interiors opens its new superyacht workshop facility


The new interior workshop will enable Heesen to respond to demand for “yachts of greater size and volume”.

Heesen Interiors has opened its newly-expanded superyacht interior workshop facility at Winterswijk, in the eastern Netherlands. The additional 2,240 sq metres of production space brings the total production area to 8,100 sq metres and will enable the superyacht builder to boost its production of interior furniture for Heesen yachts.

Henry Schreur, Heesen Interiors MD, said: We look forward to continuing the tradition of building precious interiors for the most innovative Heesen yachts to the highest Dutch quality standards. Exceptional artisanal craftsmanship sits at the heart of yacht building, and the expansion of our Winterswijk facilities reinforces not only the strength of the work being undertaken in-house at Heesen, but also the lengths that we go to in order to deliver unrivalled customer satisfaction.”

‘Award-winning interior furniture’

In addition to a greater production area, office space has also increased by 332 sq metres tp reach nearly 1,000 sq metres. “The investment will ensure that Heesen Interiors continues to create the most luxurious, award-winning interior furniture exclusively for Heesen yachts, just as it has done for the past 35 years,” said the luxury yacht builder in a statement.

The new expanded facility was opened on Saturday 15th February at a ceremony attended by the mayor of Winterswijk, Joris Bengevoord. The production site was acquired in 2000.

In addition to expanding its interior workshop, Heesen is hiring 30 new employees “in direct response to a growing demand from Heesen owners for yachts of greater size and volume”. The new recruitment drive will bring the total workforce in Winterswijk to 130 skilled artisans. Craftsmen employed by the luxury yacht builder include: draftsmen, cabinet-makers, upholsterers, joiners, French polishers, painters, and project managers.

‘Yachts of greater size and volume’

“Building luxury interior is about handling precious, sometimes irreplaceable materials, and managing a team of highly talented craftsmen,” said Heesen in a statement. “In turn, the level of sophistication and expertise required to produce interiors on this level means more space, more equipment, and more artisans.”

Heesen said the secret behind its award-winning interior designs was “the acquisition and the training of young talent”.

Meanwhile, Heesen first revealed its intention to expand its interior workshop in July last year. Commenting at the time the company said: “The expansion of both the facilities and workforce comes in direct response to the increase in size and volume of the yachts being built by Heesen today. In turn, the level of sophistication and expertise required to produce interiors on this level means more space, more equipment, and more artisans.”

Alongside the expansion, Heesen is hiring 30 employees to bring the workforce in Winterswijk to 130 artisans.