Cloud Yachts launches NFT Superyacht Experience


Superyacht brokerage Cloud Yachts has launched its first Non-Fungible Token (NFT) SuperYacht Experience programme. The initiative aims to bring yachting, blockchain technology and NFTs together, enabling Cloud Yachts’ Superyacht NFT owners to access real-world charter experiences on luxury vessels.

Cloud Yachts specialises in selling superyacht NFTs (exclusive digital images) as well as real-world superyachts. Buyers of the company’s Superyacht NFTs will now be able to enjoy experiences on superyachts managed by the firm. Shannon Allen, MD, Cloud Yachts said that the brokerage has already generated $20m from real and NFT superyacht sales in 2023.

We [are] obsessed with how to deliver the maximum utility for Cloud Yachts NFT holders.  Our entire focus was providing unmatched utility, not just price speculation,” said Allen. “We feel like we have cracked the code, unlocking  opportunities exclusive to NFTs, allowing us to tokenise SuperYachts and deliver valuable benefits to our NFT holders.”

The firm added that by providing yacht experiences to a wider audience trading in digital currencies and NFTs, the initiative has the potential to open up new opportunities and experiences for the yachting industry.

Zach Mandelstein, founder, Cloud Yachts said that sceptics of digital tokenisation should look to the CEO of investment management firm Blackrock, Larry Fink who said: “Tokens are the next generation for markets and Boston Consulting Group’s prediction that tokenization of illiquid assets will become a $16 trillion business by 2030.”

Mandelstein added that Cloud Yachts agrees with this belief. “Our 94 Sunseeker, valued at $1.5m, exemplifies an asset that cannot be swiftly liquidated,” he said. “The tokenisation process and NFTs resolve this issue. The potential to tokenise trillions of dollars of illiquid assets through NFTs is unmistakable to us.”

The Super Yacht NFTs can be acquired using cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin or Ethereum or using traditional tender on the Cloud Yachts website.