Bilgin Yachts launches 46.8-metre motor yacht Giaola-Lu


Istanbul-based Bilgin Yachts shipyard has completed its first launch f 2016 made its first launch for 2016 with the Bilgin 155, 46.8-metre motor yacht named Giaola-Lu. It will be delivered to its Mexican owner in late May follwing sea trials that will start immediately.

The yacht is constructed from steel and aluminium and Unique designers and Bilgin worked on the project. The vessel was launched successfully from Bilgin Yachts’ Küçükçekmece facility last week.

Bilgin 155 is the latest vessel in the yard’s displacement line. It will be able to be used for unrestricted coastal and offshore cruising around Europe, Mediterranean, Atlantic and the Caribbean.

The yacht is Powered by two CAT C32 1450 bhp 2300 rpm marine diesel engines and is expected to reach a maximum speed of 16 knots.