How would James Bond sell a superyacht?


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My mind has been on cars this week as I need to get a new – for that, read second hand deathtrap – one for the journey into the office. I am distracted by the industry’s recent focus on one of my all-time favourite brands – Aston Martin.

First came the news that Henrik Fisker – designer of the iconic Aston Martin DB9 and V8 Vantage – was entering the superyacht fray with his 50-metre concept, the Fisker 50. This was swiftly followed by news that Aston Martin itself was set to launch its first entry into the powerboat market with the AM37 that it was going to reveal at the Milan-based Salone del Mobile design show – where else?

The truth is, Aston Martin will already have a waiting list of the super rich trying to get hold of the AM37. The styling is simply incredible. It will become a modern design classic.

Aston Martin has rarely been out of the Top 20 in the annual Coolbrands survey for at least a decade, and why would it be? Older Aston Martins invariably become classics, the DB5 model has entered legend not just because of its association with James Bond, but because the majority are lovingly restored to their former glory and refurbished in tasteful textures and tones before they are put on sale. A 1964 model won’t get you much change out of $1 million.

But can we say the same of the superyacht?

There are two things that can set a bad resale value: bad repairs and, worse, bad taste. Reams of shagpile carpet and gold taps in the bathroom are not going to be to everyone’s taste. The Fisker 50 features a “dual-use fire pit or enlarged ice bucket”. That’s like having a combined cigarette lighter and coat hanger, it’s not going to work. How long before the galley slaves…sorry, crew members, get tired of cleaning that out every time there’s a party on board.

Think Sean Connery as Bond driving around in that DB5; keep your yacht simple and classic and you’ll neither be shaken or stirred when it comes to offloading your most precious asset.


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