The Italian Sea Group launches new superyacht series


The Italian Sea Group (TISG) has launched a new fleet for its Picchiotti brand that will feature vessels ranging from 75-180ft (24-55m). The new build projects are being built in partnership with Luca Dini Design and Architecture.

The fleet named “Gentleman” is TISG’s first foray into the serial production segment. Inspiration for the fleet comes from American yachts of the 1960s, according to the company.

Giovanni Costantino, founder and CEO, The Italian Sea Group, said: “This new line, clearly inspired by the golden age of post-war yachting, both in terms of layout and materials, immediately conquered me because it recalls the historical models such as the Giglio Series or the Mistral Series by Picchiotti.”

The construction of the first Picchiotti Gentleman, which will be delivered in summer 2024, began on July 15th with a further 15 vessels planned for construction. The company claims that all vessels will be built with hybrid propulsion or fully electric engines.

Luca Dini, CEO, Luca Dini Design and Architecture said: “We have chosen to develop an entire fleet, ranging from 24 to 55m in length to satisfy a wide segment of the market.”

Brokerage, Yachts Moments also join the venture as consultants.