Superyacht concept will house Hypercars inside living space

Impossible Productions Ink

The New York office of designers Impossible Productions in partnership with Tim Dempers Studio in Cape Town have released a “global explorer” superyacht concept to the market. The 100 metre vessel will have enough room to fit a small blimp or sea plane on its deck and vehicles including Hypercars or a small helicopter can be stored in the inside living space.

No price has been released for the concept but, if it launched today, it would be among the 40 biggest Superyachts in the world. The vessel has been designed to be a true global adventurer, according to the two companies, with capabilities discover remote polar and tropical destinations that are out of the range of most yachts.

Two accommodation blocks will also allow for 360 degree views incorporating private sunken sundecks offering shade and weather protection.

The forward pod forms the control centre of the ship with a navigation station and office space. The aft pod is the owner’s accommodation block and enjoys the same views as the bridge.

A multi-functional cargo deck is part of a protected courtyard between the accommodation blocks and can be used as an entertainment area or to store vehicles or shipping containers.

In a statement Impossible Productions Ink said that the concept’s full specifications would be “available on request”.

The company added: “The project is the result of more than 12 months of focused investigation and proposes a completely new direction in yacht design. Conceived for the truly adventurous owner, this seeks to combine the luxury of a superyacht with the practical benefits of a commercial vessel.”