Spencer Buley Group embraces future technology with new collaboration



Spencer Buley Group (SGB) has combined its vision of eco-friendly yachting with those of consultant Derek Munro.

Munro previously project managed the design and build of the world’s largest sailing yacht – SY Black Pearl.

“Derek is at the top of his game for the most technologically advanced yachts and building the future pedigree going forward,” said Ashley Hurrell, founder of Spencer Buley Group. “He will head up our builds and refits for our clients, so they are in the safest possible hands.”

Hurrell said: “Yacht design needs to become more cutting-edge, to meet the exacting standards and ‘green’ specifications required by our avant-garde, eco-conscious, clients. Zero carbon footprint yachts will leave our planet in a better state for our children’s children and beyond.”

Munro now privately manages SY Black Pearl through his bespoke yacht-management company – Divergent Yachting, which he says prides itself on providing a more individual service to the client, captain and crew

“It’s paramount to have the finest owner’s team, this allows the client to clearly communicate their vision to the owner’s team who can then discuss and display this technically at a yard,” said Munro. “The owner’s team is in place to offer the finest expert opinion and protect the client’s interests every step of the way.”

Spencer Buley Group only launched this year but wants to lead the industry in super-green yachts.

“We are looking to the future,” concluded Hurrell.

Spencer Buley Group says that it prides itself on hand selecting only the finest independent professionals to work with its clients for the design and build of yachts of the future.