LIQUI MOLY puts an end to diesel bug


Diesel bug is a constant problem faced by anyone who owns a diesel-powered boat. LIQUI MOLY is able to help bring diesel bug under control. At Scotland’s Boat Show, LIQUI MOLY distributor Dan Volt will be demonstrating how this can be achieved.

The diesel bug is a wide-spread problem for boats. If water is present in the fuel tank, whether from water condensate on the inner walls of the tank or contaminated diesel fuel or carelessness when filling the tank, it deposits at the bottom of the tank. Microorganisms can propagate at the interface between the water and diesel fuel. The longer the shut-down period, the more they can proliferate. The form a slimy sludge, that clogs the fuel filter and injectors. The engine dies. Beyond that, the metabolic waste products produced by the microorganisms increase corrosion in the fuel tank and lines.

LIQUI MOLY Marine Diesel Bacteria Stop will come in useful if bacteria have already spread. The additive provides a direct effect against microorganisms. In the case of high infestation, a concentration of 1:1000 is used. However it cannot dissolve the sludge produced by the microorganisms up to that time. In the event of high infestation, it is therefore always necessary to clean the fuel tank.

It is nevertheless better to take action before things get that far. LIQUI MOLY Marine Diesel Protect can be used to prevent diesel bug. It reliably prevents microbial growth in diesel. But it can also do much more: it also cleans the fuel system, provides anti-corrosion protection and increases the cetane number: it also protects the fuel much more effectively from oxidation and ageing so as to avoid the kind of problems that occur after long periods of disuse. It is a versatile all-purpose solution. When used regularly, the problem of bacteria and fungus in the fuel tank never arises. The engine no longer poses any problems and the money for an expensive tank cleaning operation can also be saved.

LIQUI MOLY distributor Dan Volt gives more insights in the diesel bug issues at the Cruising Association’s talks at the Scotland’s Boat Show. The exhibition takes place in Inverkip from 12th to 14th October.