Roemer Boogaard appointed Managing Director at Royal Huisman

Romer Boogard Royal Huisman

Royal Huisman have announced the appointment of Mr. Roemer Boogaard as Managing Director.

Prior to this, Boogard acted as Executive Director of KNRM (the Royal Netherlands Sea Rescue Institution).

Alongside Roemer Boogaard as Managing Director will be Ronald van Hulst, Director of Operations, and recently appointed Finance Director Harmen Peeters.

Previous Managing Director, Alice Huisman, said “Every organisation needs to look to the strengthening of management if they are to maintain and expand on their success. I am delighted to welcome Mr. Boogaard into a business with a strong order book across the full range of our new build and refit activities.

After ten years as Managing Director, Huisman will now assume the duties of Executive Director. She said “I do wish to emphasise that there is no question of any reduction in my commitment to Royal Huisman, our clients or our team. Roemer’s focus on daily activities simply allows me more time to play to my strengths.”