RINA launches RINA MAXIMA for superyachts


RINA has launched RINA MAXIMA – a service profile dedicated to superyachts from 40m-180m (131ft-590ft). The inspection, certification and consulting specialist said the launch of the programme follows the remarkable growth” it has experienced in the superyacht sector.

According to the company, the release of its MAXIMA service profile is aimed at helping owners, designers, and operators to meet changing regulations and support the advancements in on board technology.

Speaking at the launch of RINA MAXIMA at the Monaco Yacht Show last month, Giosuè Vezzuto, executive vice president, RINA said: “MAXIMA was born from our deep understanding of the current needs of the superyacht sector, which, like other areas of the marine industry, is undergoing a profound transformation driven by decarbonisation and digitalisation.”

In terms of decarbonisation, RINA provides guidelines for the design and certification of sustainable superyacht systems. This includes systems linked to alternative fuels such as hydrogen, ammonia, and methanol.

The MAXIMA service profile also incorporates a range of digital solutions, including SERTICA, a fleet management software.

MAXIMA personnel undergo dedicated training programmes with the major registries, enabling them to streamline building processes regardless of the applicable code: REG A / REG B, Marshall Islands or Malta Yacht codes.

Digitalisation may offer greater efficiency in managing onboard operations, but it comes with challenges too, most obviously when faced with cybersecurity. To this end, MAXIMA offers protection to assets, including packages such ascyber security and vulnerability assessment”, which verifies that a vessel’s communication network is secure.

We continue to grow in the superyacht sector and have a keen focus on new technologies and innovation, areas where RINA is particularly strong,” said Vezzuto. “As this sector continues to embrace increasingly advanced solutions and technologies, MAXIMA will support owners, designers and operators and help transfer our expertise to support them in meeting the challenges of the future.”