Keel laid for 66m Nuvolari Lenard yacht


The keel has been laid for Turqouise Yachts 66m Nuvolari Lenard designed yacht.

The concept of the yacht is to incorporate ‘everything’ that is usually found on a 80m+ yacht in a yacht that is only 66m. Turquoise Yachts has been working collaboratively with Nuvolari Lenard on the new 66-metre design.

“Recognizing the demand for a yacht that incorporates ’everything,’ we are prepared to incorporate elegance, beauty, design experience, fun, adventure, wellness, safety and security,” says Dan Lenard of Nuvolari Lenard.

“A client for a 60-meter plus yacht is looking for the same uncompromising amenities as a client looking to purchase an 80-meter plus yacht,” says Mehmet Karabeyoglu, Partner at Turquoise Yachts.

The designers’ intention is to have equilibrium, with a few select design elements such as the bow, fashion plates, and double- height side volumes carried back to the stern. The result is a design that aims to be both powerful and elegant.

“Optimization is the key word,” adds Lenard. The layout of the 66-meter flawlessly integrates the exterior styling with the interior, optimizing spaces and minimizing any conflict between functionality and the prime real estate.”

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