Horizon unveils the V67 motoryacht


Taiwanese yacht builder Horizon has unveiled its new entry-level motoryacht, the Horizon V67.

This is the third yacht in the V series, following the V72 and V80. She was designed as a collaborative effort between Horizon and yacht designer Jonathan Quinn Barnett.

Horizon V62 features a plumb bow – the second vessel from Horizon to adopt this – and is designed to accommodate two people or a small family.

The team aims to bring superyacht standards of safety, solid architecture and customisation options to its new vessel.

Horizon CEO John Lu said: “We are very proud of the new V67 model. This motor yacht retains Horizon’s signature quality inside and out. There are not many true yachts available in the 60 to 70-foot range for clients looking to upgrade from 40 or 50 feet; most of the offerings in this size range are for weekend or day boats not meant for long-term cruising. The V67 takes advantage of the trickle-down effect from Horizon’s superyacht projects into our smaller sized yachts.”