Helicopters operating from yachts restricted during POTUS address


The Federal Aviation Administration has restricted helicopters flying from yachts during the US President’s state of the union address.

Between 8pm and 11pm local time on 30 January, helicopters will be completely restricted from operating anywhere within the Washington DC Special Flight Rules Area (SFRA) and Washington metropolitan flight restriction zone.

Pilots who do not adhere to the procedures could be detained and interviewed by law enforcement/security personnel. They could also be hit with civil penalties, revocation and suspension of airmen certificates, or criminal charges. Deadly force would also be used if the aircraft is determined to be an imminent threat.

Only the Department of Defense and law enforcement/air ambulance operations will be allowed within the Washington DC SFRA. To operate in this airspace during the address, approval must be obtained by the Air Security Operations Centre (ASOC) two days prior.