Billy Joel’s Vendetta

Billy Joel yacht

Having enjoyed his 38’ Runabout. Grammy-award winning musician Billy Joel has returned to Zurn to create an upscale 57’ Commuter Style Yacht.

Vendetta is the big sister to The Runabout. She is styled in the classic manner of the commuter yachts of the 1920s and debuted at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show earlier this year. She

According to Zurn, Billy Joel’s completion of his Oyster Bay, Long Island real estate and his frequent trips to NYC was the driving force in deciding to proceed with the design and construction of a commuter style yacht.

“Her appearance harks back to a bygone era of Long Island Sound commuter boats, combined with the performance and speed of The Shelter Island Runabout,” Zurn said. “She will provide a quick, smooth ride in the often short chop of Long Island Sound and the menacing Hell Gate”.

Weighing only 40,000 pounds, Vendetta reaches speeds of over forty knots.

Vendetta was launched in the summer of 2005, but it’s still almost unknown out of US. The hull was built using advanced resin infusion technique, incorporating vinylester resin infused into a Dupont Kevlar hybrid cloth with Core Cell foam core.  The goal was to keep the boat’s strength to weight ratio as high as possible.  The hull, deck and small parts were assembled and finished at both Coecles Harbor Marine and Derecktors Mamaroneck Yard.

Billy Joel 2