The Foiler hydrofoil superyacht tender claims to rise above competition


Looking for a superyacht tender or day yacht that rises above the rest? Then, Enata Industries claims its new 40-knot Foiler design fits the bill, courtesy of its twin V8 diesel engines and four 7.2-metre carbon-fibre foils.

The Foiler cruises at 1.5 metres above the wavetops, once a speed of 18 knots has been achieved. Enata manager Alois Vieujot told Superyacht Investor: “The majority of our customers are superyacht owners who want to use the Foiler as a tender, due to its comfort.

“We are also talking with several resorts about using the Foiler for the transportation for their VIP clients. This is especially beneficial during rough weather, where you would barely feel the waves as you fly above them.”

Significant fuel savings

Certified for eight passengers, at speed, the 9.8m Foiler rises up on four carbon-fibre, patented foils. These are designed to provide auto-stability; ensuring a very comfortable ride by removing the movement generated by the waves’ slapping the hull. This, in turn, is said to lead to significant fuel savings.

“An important aspect of the Foiler is its improved fuel efficiency,” said Vieujot. “As the Foiler is outside of the water, it greatly reduces drag and thus has higher fuel efficiency, up to 40-50% … [compared with similar vessels]. Another factor is that it is very quiet on-board thanks to its onboard engines, and it barely creates a wake behind in, leaving the surrounding areas undisturbed.”

Barely creates a wake

The foils are fully retractable, at the push of a button, enabling the vessel to switch from foiling mode to Archimedean mode – with its hull touching the water –  in a few seconds. When moored, the foils rise out of the water cutting the need for maintenance.

Power is supplied by 740 hp hydrostatic propulsion sytem, comprising twin on-board 370 hp engines. The vessels are fitted with torpedoes, which channel the energy generated by the engines.

Cruising at 20 knots in foiling mode, the vessel has a range of 190 nautical miles. When cruising at 30 knots the range is cut to 150 nautical miles.

The Foiler has a starting price of €764,000.

The Foiler cruises on retractable foils that enable a top speed of 40 knots.

The Foiler – at a glance

  • The Foiler is CE certified – category B
  • Certified to carry eight passengers

Archimedian mode (hull touching the water)

  • Maximum speed: 28 knots max. 51 km/h max.
  • Take off: 18 knots
  • Cruising speed: 18-35 knots

Foiling mode (hull above the water)

  • Maximum speed: 40 knots
  • Range at 20 knots: 190 nautical miles
  • Range at 30 knots: 150 nautical miles