Superyacht Lady MM catches fire off Sardinian coast


A large fire has broken out on board the 48 metre superyacht Lady MM, requiring guests and crew to evacuate the vessel for their safety.

It has been reported that the 17 year old yacht issued a distress signal at approximately 6am on August 26, alerting the coast guard to a fire on board. The yacht was travelling from Capri to Porto Cervo in Sardinia when the fire broke out according to reports.

The distress signal was picked up by the Olbia Coast Guard, which responded, dispatching two SAR patrol boats to assist, alongside a coast guard helicopter.

Footage captured by the helicopter shows a bird’s eye view of the yacht in flames.

It is understood that the 17 people on board, nine crew and eight guests, evacuated the yacht and all successfully reached the coast via a tender. Accommodation on board is for a total of 10 guests and nine crew.

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