Should we stay or should we go?


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The in/out will the UK/won’t the UK debate has only just started on the Brexit issue and both sides representing the opposite ends of the spectrum have already started to jostle for position.

One side wants the UK to stay (with its main proponent the UK Prime Minister David Cameron) and one wants us to go (with the unkempt pretender to the throne, Boris Johnson, standing in that particular spotlight). And what’s worse, the scaremongering has already started.

No sooner had the 23 June date for the day of reckoning of the UK versus the EU been announced than screaming newspaper headlines started saying that the UK is doomed either way.

If you want a break from all that scaremongering I recommend a read of Abacus Corporate Services’ Samantha Smith’s piece on the impact of Brexit on the superyacht industry, which Superyacht Investor publishes today. It’s balanced fair and informative and gives a personal perspective on what could happen if the UK breaks away from its mainland Europe cousins.

I’m sure you all have your own thoughts on the matter. Will the VAT regulation change? Will we be able to attempt a fudge by entering a European Economic Area agreement like Iceland and Norway? I’d love to hear you views.

For now though, and for those of you undecided, do give it a glance.

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