OPINION: All Hands On Deck At Superyacht Investor 2019


After hopefully a restful weekend, we would like to thank our sponsors, delegates and speakers who all contributed to the success of last week’s conference.

What I found striking at this year’s event was how much passion and affection there is for the superyacht industry – the sector is certainly in good hands.

There appeared to be a general consensus that everyone was pulling in the same direction, but with no-one resting on their laurels it was agreed more had to be done with regards to safeguarding as well as attracting and retaining crew.

The over-arching feeling was that everyone was confident and buoyant about the market with the re-fit sector the shining light. However, in a poll taken during the conference 73% of delegates still felt that the ‘lost decade’ was far from over.

So, what did we learn? Certainly, that we should be looking after the art on the yacht more than the yacht itself. With some pieces worth more than three times the value of the vessel it may be time to lock those Picassos safely away in the cabinet.

The robust debate of course continues with regards to charter booking with apps. Both Jamie Edmiston from Edmiston and Nikko Ordodary from the Ahoy Club held their own in discussions and put forward compelling arguments for both apps and more traditional methods.

David Seal is the darling of the industry! You could hear a pin drop as delegates furiously took notes on his advice on how to be the next big thing on YouTube. Video content strategy is a must for all attendees in 2019.

The standard of discussions this year were irreproachable, with so much to digest and reflect on. We look forward to expanding on many issues raised in the coming weeks.

Once again, our sincerest thanks for playing such an intrinsic part of the conference last week and we hope to see you all again next year for Superyacht Investor London 2020.

“We should never be about minimum requirements. The superyacht industry should always be about excellence.” – John Wyborn from Bluewater at Superyacht Investor London 2019. 

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