Nautica Italiana’s plans to boost nautical industry

Lamberto Tacoli, Chairman of Nautica Italiana presents Nautica 365 strategy and manifesto

Nautica Italiana, an association comprised of leading Italian nautical companies, have presented “Nautica 365″; their new strategy of legislative proposals and events to promote the growth of the Italian industry.

“Today, in the prestigious location Panorama in Milan, where we were honored to present our association, we were literally surrounded by the history of Italian craftsmanship” said Lamberto Tacoli, Chairman of Nautica Italiana at the association’s launch in September. “Part of this history of excellence and innovation of Italian industry is written daily by companies in the nautical sector, which the new association Nautica Italiana, affiliated with Fondazione Altagamma, now provides a major opportunity for growth and a chance to regain the international stature that they deserve.”

Nautica Italiana formed two months ago, bringing together high-end companies from the entire sector – Industry, Services and Territories – to stimulate development of the nautical industry at both national and international levels. There are now 44 members, all from high-end brands, representing over 80% of the value of Italy’s shipbuilding production. Their total turnover, including services, exceeds  €1.2 billion.

The association’s goals are:

  1. Promoting the nautical product and service as an expression of Made in Italy products
  2. Restoring the sector’s deserved high reputational level
  3. Supporting exports and the domestic market’s recovery

Within this framework, Nautica Italiana present “Nautica 365” who strategies include:

  1. Concrete legislative proposals to support growth: introduction of Nautica Italiana’s Manifesto
  2. Translation of the Charter of Values into concrete tools: introduction of the “Ethical Contract” to ensure professionalism and transparency
  3. National and international promotion plan: defining a new events strategy for the sector.

“Part of this history of excellence and innovation of Italian industry is written daily by companies in the sector”

Lamberto Tacoli, Chairman of Nautica Italiana

“Nautica 365” has been created to give a fresh boost to the nautical sector; correcting a number of distortions to restore full confidence amongst operators and international customers. Its manifesto targets five strategic areas: Tax regime and transparency; Development of the small and medium-sized nautical industry; Support to the Large Yacht industry and its services; Support to the operators of Marinas and infrastructures; and Streamlining of procedures.

The manifesto’s proposals are as follows:

  1. A “Bollino Oro” to carry out controls directly on land rather than at sea
  2. A moratorium on onboard controls until the Registro Telematico (Online Register) is adopted
  3. Creation of reception facilities for boats, managed on a non-profit making basis
  4. Establishment of a competitive Italian Register for large commercial yachts
  5. Regulations for professional qualifications in line with those in other European countries
  6. Uniform application of VAT at 6.6% for pleasure boat charter
  7. Maintenance of State contractual agreements for marina concessions
  8. Issue of the main Decrees implementing the Nautical Code within 12 months
  9. The definitive simplification of bureaucracy and regulations

Nautica 365 also plans to use existing national and international events for industry growth. The main points of this events strategy will be the organisation of two exhibitions: one for small and medium-sized nautical businesses and one for the large-scale nautical industry with a strong international focus. Both events would be held in Italy.

Nautica Italiana will also work with partners to increase the Italy’s presence at the main European Boat Shows.

Another key part is their data and analysis programme offered to operators to track production and sales in the market.

The strategy also incorporates an ethical contract that focuses on workplace safety, social ethics and environmental protection.

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