What yachts are brokers bringing to Monaco?


Today is the first day of the Monaco Yacht Show. All eyes are on Port Hercules, Monte Carlo as 120 superyachts from across the world are berthing at the harbour.

Brokers generally have some of the biggest stands at Monaco, and this year they are bringing a total of 79 yachts to the show.

The 32 different brokerages will be showing off yachts ranging from ten metres to 100+ metres to potential customers and industry partners.

The total length of all the yachts brokers are bringing to the show adds up to 4,168 metres. More than 10% of that total length will be from Burgess which has berthed eight superyachts at the port measuring a total of 480 metres.

Merle Wood & Associates are not far behind with 416 metres and third place goes to Fraser with 410 metres.

Below you will find a complete list of the yachts brokers are displaying right now at Monaco.

List of yachts:


Aqua Marina Yachts

All About U, Ada Yacht Works, 50m, 2018


Arcon Yachts

My Iman, Benetti, 59m, 2003


Bernard Gallay Yacht Brokerage

Nomad IV, Dolphin Yachts, 33m, 5-20 M€



The Devocean, Sunseeker, 37m, 2008, 5-20 M€


Anna 1, Feadship, 57m, 2008, Eu65m

Barbara, Oceanco, 88m,

Elysian, Abeking & Rasmussen, 60m

Excellence V, Abeking & Rasmussen, 60m

Fortunate Sun, Oceanfast, 54m
Gailileo G, Picchiotti, 55m

J’ADE, CRN, 62m, 2013, Eur20-50m

Mucho Mas, Crescent Custom Yachts, 44m, 2016, Eur20-50m


Camper & Nicholsons International

Blue Vision, Benetti, 44m

Karianna, Benetti, 54m, 2013

Moon Sand, Feadship, 52m, 2015

Okto, 66m

Wellenreiter, Jongert Yachts, 46m, 2003

X, Sanlorenzo, 43m, 2016

Cecil Wright 7 Partners

Herculina, Feadship, 50m, 1998

Sunrise, Oceano, 52m, 2000


Eastwind Yachts

La Familia, Amels, 55m, 2005, Eur20-50m

Ocean Star, Jongert, 31m, 2008, Eur5-20m



Aquarius, Feadship, 92m, 2017

Bijoux II, Edmiston, 30m, 2016

Celestial Hope, Heesen Yachts, 47m, 2008

Nanook, Coodecasa, 49m, 1996

Regina D’Italia, Codecasa, 51m, 2006, Eur 5-20m


Engel & Volkers Yachting French Riviera

Aresteas, 51m. 2017, Eur5-20m


Exmar Yachting

Berzinx, Astilleros de Mallorca, 44m, 1977


Floating Life

Kanga, CCN Cerri Cantieri Navali, 40, 2018



Barbara, Oceano, 88.5m, 2017

Boadicea, Amels, 76.5m, 1999, Eur50-100m

Latitude, Benetti, 52m, 2008, Eur5-20m

Marie, Vitters, 55m, 2010, Eur5-20m

Saint Nicolas, Lurssen, 70m, 2007, Eur50-100m

Sycara V, Nobiskrug, 68m, 2010, Eur50-100m



Nyota, Couach, 37m, 2008, under Eu r5m

Quite Essential, 55m, 2011, Eur 20-50m

Silver Wave, Palmer Johnson, 46m, 2009, Eur 5-20m


Imperial Yachts

Lady Anastasia, Sensation Yachts, 47m, 2001

Okko, Mondomarine, 41m, 2012

Rush, Overmarine, 50m, 2010



Hemabejo, Benetti, 40m, 2014, Eur5-20m

Le Dea II, Trinity Yachts, 49m, 2007, Eur5-20m


KK Superyachts

Axioma, Dunya Yachts, 72.5m, 2013,


McMaster Yachts

Athos, Holland Jachtbouw, 62m, 2010, Eur20-50m


Merle Wood  & Associates

Apogee, Codecasa, 62m, 2003, Eur20-50m

Excellence V, Abeking & Rasmussen, 60m, 2012, Eur50-100m

Lady Michelle, Benetti, 55m, 2003

MQ2, Feadship, 49m, 1990, Eur5-20m

Saint Nicolas, Lurssen, 70m, 2007, Eur50-100m

Sunrise, Oceano, 52m, 2000, Eur20-50m

Sycara V, Nobiskrug, 68m, 2010, Eur50-100m


Moran Yacht & Ship

Entourage, Admiral Yachts, 46m, 2014, Eur5-20m

Kismet, Lurssen, 95m, 2014

Mine Games, Benetti, 62m, 2010


Northrop & Johnson

Revelry, Hakvoort, 39m, 2010


Ocean Independence

Book Ends, Heesen Yachts, 47.5m, 2017, Eur20-50m

Happy T, Heesen Yachts, 40m, 2001, Eur5-20m

Mikhail S. Vorontsov, Dreamship & Victory, 64.5m, 2013, Eur20-50m

Vantage, Palmer Johnson, 46m, 2010, Eur5-20m

Vicky, Baglietto, 59m, 2009, Eur20-50m

Y4H, Sanlorenzo, 38m, 2017, Eur5-20m


Princess Yacht Monaco

Princess 30m Bandazul, Princess Yachts, 30m, 2018, Eur5-20m

Princess Revolution 35, Princess Yachts, 11m, 2018, under Eur5m


Royal Yacht Brokers

Rox Star, Bodrum Ogus Marin, 40m, 2015, Eur5-20m


Sunseeker Monaco

Sunseeker 116, 35m, 2018

Sunseeker 95, 28m, 2016

Living the Dream, 40m, 2016


Thomson, Westood & White

Apogee, Codecasa, 62m, 2003, Eur20-50m


Torrance Yachts

Kamalaya, Amels, 55m, 2013


West Nautical

St David, Benetti, 60m, 2008, Eur20-50m


Worth Avenue Yachts

Moliver, Sunseeker, 37m, 2009, Eur5-20m



Illusion Plus, Pride Mega Yachts, 88.5m, 2018, Eur100m+

Larisa, Feadship, 57.5m, 2013, Eur20-50m

Spirit, Amels, 54m, 2011, Eur20-50m

Tugatsu, Feadship, 45m, 1989, Eur5-20m


Yachting Partners International

Rainbow, Holland Jachtbouw, 40m, 2012, Eur5-20m



Anna I, Feadship, 67m, 2007, Eur20-50m


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