An interview with Geoff Moore


Superyacht Investor: How long have you been in the industry?

Geoff Moore: 2017 is my tenth year in yachting, and I’ve been in the marine industry since 2002 when I joined the Merchant Navy

Superyacht Investor: What is your favourite superyacht?

Geoff Moore: Difficult question! There are so many wonderful yachts that I admire and I worked on a wonderful range of yachts, but for me the 138m Lurssen Rising Sun holds a place dear in my heart. It was the first yacht I worked on after moving from the commercial shipping industry. She is unique and has a love it or hate it design, but the interior design is impeccable and her quality and maintenance keeps her at the top of many lists 12 years after being launched as the worlds’ largest yacht. I owe the yacht a debt of gratitude for getting me into this wonderful sector and so it’s the least I can do to say she’s my favorite!

Superyacht Investor: How’s the charter market looking for 2017?

Geoff Moore: Summer bookings are looking positive. There are many yachts booked out already and enquiries are rising during this busy spring period. The last 2 summers have been very positive for the charter market and all signs are that 2017 will be equally as successful.

Superyacht Investor: What advice would you give to someone looking to charter a yacht?

Geoff Moore: I’d always advise a client to ensure they know the basics about the yacht’s equipment and the financial structure before signing a contract. The concept of APA (advanced provisioning allowance) is confusing to people new to chartering, and knowing what is and isn’t included in the price should be clearly understood. Other than that, I’d just advise a client to not have many pre-determined ideas about what they want to do whilst onboard. They can have a fixed itinerary and schedule, but most of the time these are thrown out of the window during the first few days when the guests relax and get into the swing of enjoying the flexibility and freedom of being in charge of their own time.

Superyacht Investor: What are you most looking forward to about Superyacht Investor London?

Geoff Moore: This is really a great event in London with a wide variety of delegates and interesting topics to discuss with your peers, whilst providing valued networking opportunities.


Geoff Moore West Nautical Superyacht Investor

Geoff Moore is managing director at West Nautical and is speaking at our Superyacht Investor London conference on the 3rd & 4th May at The Royal Horseguards, One Whitehall Place.

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