OPINION: Connectivity: The Final Frontier


“Ground control to Major Tom,” the defining lyrics sang by David Bowie in his 1969 masterpiece Space Oddity. Space cruiser Major Tom may have been fictional, but the song resonated with our need to connect and fears of isolation.

Each day superyacht owners are launching off in their very own spaceships and their need for connectivity as they explore the high seas is paramount.

Sailing on a superyacht may once have been seen as the epitome of disconnecting from the stresses of life, forgetting your worries and winding down. No longer. Now amongst the top needs for yachts owners is a fully operational office.

The boundaries between business and pleasure on a superyacht have officially blurred.

If having a connection for work is not a strong enough drive, then demands from family, friends and guests certainly will be.

Most frequently asked question when people step onto a yacht? “What’s the Wi-Fi code?”

You can debate the ethics and the social implications of our addiction to the internet, but the fact remains that people want to be connected and they want to be connected twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week even whilst at sea.

And with the chartering of superyachts costing thousands of dollars each week clients will be merciless with a sub-standard connection or slow download speeds. It has got to perfect.

Thankfully, there is an abundance of consultants and services battling with each other to bring you a plethora of different solutions.

To break the options down Superyacht Investor has spoken with some of the brightest in the industry to unravel the muddle of connectivity.

Reading our analysis will help ensure that your 2019 Ocean Odyssey is one seamlessly connected to the world-wide web.

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