OPINION: A fresh breeze blows through the superyachting world


She of the Sea: Jenny Matthews (R) and Natasha Ambrose (L) plus colleague.

A fresh sea breeze is blowing through the superyacht world. It is challenging old assumptions and helping new ideas make headway in turbulent times. Its name is Jenny Matthews.

Matthews founded the campaign group She of the Sea to promote gender diversity within the superyacht sector and the maritime industry in general. The mission was launched after Matthews qualified for her Officer of the Watch, following eight years at sea without meeting another female deck hand.

We were so impressed by Matthews and her colleagues, including Natasha Ambrose, who holds a chief mate certificate on 3,000gt vessels up to 75 metres, we asked her to speak at our Superyacht Investor London 2020 conference last month. Like us, the conference’s 200 delegates were impressed by the power of Matthews’s message, the force of her magnetic personality and the strength of her communications skills.

Portrayed the superyacht sector in a positive light

Others were impressed too. Shortly after speaking at our conference, Matthews was contacted by the UK newspaper The Guardian. The result was a wide-ranging interview with both Matthews and Ambrose; leading to an article that portrayed the superyacht sector in a positive light. After all, balanced coverage of the superyachting sector is not something that is easy to find outside the business and leisure press.

It made a refreshing change to read positive perspectives of the sector – with its wealth of opportunities for female crew employment; alongside some of its challenges – highlighted in the mainstream press.

Let’s send a big thank you to Jenny Matthews, Natasha Ambrose and their colleagues, who are winning positive headlines for superyachting. This industry needs ambassadors and Matthews and her crew fit the bill perfectly. You can read Superyacht Investor’s recent interview with Matthews here.

Meanwhile, you can watch Matthews’ presentation at Superyacht Investor London 2020 in the video below.


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