Zurn Yacht Design reveals MJM 35Z


Zurn Yacht Design and MJM has introduced MJM Yachts 35Z project at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show.

The MJM 35Z is a combination of performance and comfortable all-weather design with versatility. The fuel efficiency of 50+ mph and 300+ mile cruising range, achieved with twin 300’s and only 250 gallons of fuel capacity – compared to other designs needing triples and 400 gallons of fuel for the same result.
Doug Zurn of Zurn Yacht Design comments: “The MJM 35z is the sixth collaboration between us and MJM founder Bob Johnstone, boat builder Mark Lindsay and has talented crew at Boston Boatworks. This team effort, gathering the best talent in each of our fields, has resulted in over 225 boats being sold with only 2% being available on the used market at any given period. That equates to a lot of satisfied boaters”.