Winch Design launch NFTs to aid ocean conservation


SYI Summary:


  • British yacht desinger Winch Design, Boat International and Cloud Yachts have created a series of NFTs entitled Message in a Bottle
  • All proceeds from the series are to be used in to benefit ocean conservation organisations Ocean without Borders and Yachts for Science.
  • The NFTs are to be sold on the Ethereum blockchain.


Winch Design, in conjunction with Boat International and Cloud Yachts, has created its first series of NFTs, with all profits benefitting ocean conservation.

Message in a Bottle launched earlier today during Boat International’s Ocean Talks event. Cloud Yachts, the leader in the NFT yachting space, have facilitated the auction on the OpenSea platform.

All proceeds will go to Ocean without Borders and Yachts for Science. Ocean without Borders is dedicated to marine conservation and community development, working to care for land, wildlife and people through a partnership between Africa Foundation and &BEYOND. Yachts for Science brings together yacht owners and crew with marine scientists and researchers to create relationships that provide a vital platform for information sharing, to bring about the protection and recovery of our oceans.

Winch Design’s NFT, B.O.B, is the first in the “Message in a Bottle” series which compromises of three very distinct visuals and is a message to the wider world about the importance of ocean conservation.

B.O.B (Bio Observation Bottle) is an oceanographic marine research pod. Its bottle shaped hull symbolises the plastic litter in the water, whilst the spherical interior embodies Earth and the need to protect i

The second design is a research rig in the ocean where B.O.B or multiple vessels can dock to exchange and share information with other scientists.

The station accesses energy through solar panels and surrounding wind turbines, as well as the turbines from the docking B.O.B’s.

The third design in the ‘Message in a bottle’ series is Halo. Halo is a residential airship concept with the capability to transport B.O.B all over the world. This concept enables the owner to see the world differently and go where no-one else can go.


Aino Grapin, CEO – Winch Design

“I am delighted that Winch Design has created the world’s very first yacht NFT to raise funds for ocean conservation, in partnership with BOAT International and Cloud Yachts. The brief we gave our talented designers was to let their imagination run wild, incorporating our two passions at Winch: innovative design and marine conservation. ‘Message In A Bottle’ is a fantastical digital asset, which belongs in the realm of limitless creativity, drifting in the imaginary oceans as it saves them. It is a call to slow down and take a look at the oceans: if we save them, they could save us.”


Zachary Mandelstein, Founder – Cloud Yachts

“Winch Design and Boat International are truly embarking on a historic event within the NFT space. The world’s first ever charity centric NFT Yachts created for the Metaverse will be the ultimate gift that keeps giving. Our charity NFT yachts will never be decommissioned, they will live forever on the Ethereum Block chain and will be tracked through verified transactions. Every time one of these NFTs is resold, another payment of Ethereum will be made to the charity’s digital wallet. It will be fun to track the long term results of our efforts for these charities, Cloud Yachts is honoured to be part of this first ever collaboration in the yachting space.”


Stewart Campbell, Editor in Chief – BOAT International Media

“We’re hugely excited to be concluding our Ocean Talks event with an NFT auction in aid of the oceans. All money raised will be donated to two fantastic charities, Oceans Without Borders and Yachts for Science. The oceans are central to everything we do at BOAT International, and everyone in our community has a duty of care towards them – from owners and designers, to builders and the media. I’d like to thank Winch Design and Cloud Yachts for embracing this concept and helping us take this next step in safeguarding the oceans for future generations.”