US sanctioned superyachts: The list so far


Superyacht Investor has identified 14 superyachts that have been sanctioned by the US Office of Foreign Asset Control (OFAC). Nine of those were sanctioned after the invasion of Ukraine on February 24th, 2022.

The 14 vessels are mainly linked to sanctioned Russians such as president Vladimir Putin and oligarch Alisher Usmanov. Others are owned by individuals and entities that were sanctioned before the invasion this year. Zig Zag Ocean (formerly The Flying Dragon, pictured), belongs to Saleh Assi, a French national with links to Hezbollah who was sanctioned by the US on December 13th, 2019.

In the table below, RUSSIA-EO14024 refers to sanctions imposed using Executive Order 14024. President Biden executed this order, detailing the blocking of property belonging to Russian individuals involved with harmful foreign activities.

SDGT refers to a specially-designated global terrorist, an individual who has been defined as such by the US Department of Justice.

ELECTION-EO13848 are sanctions imposed from Executive Order 13848 by former president Trump, in the event of foreign interference with a US election.

UKRAINE-EO13661 is from Executive Order 13661 on March 16th, 2014, after the Russian invasion of Crimea. Former president Obama signed the order, blocking the property of entities and individuals contributing to the situation in Ukraine.


VesselSanctions ProgrammeCall SignVessel FlagLinked ToRegistration Number
DilbarRUSSIA-EO14024ZGFOCayman IslandsAlisher UsmanovIMO 9661792
Flying FoxRUSSIA-EO14024ZGHNCayman IslandsImperial YachtsIMO 982939
GracefulRUSSIA-EO14024UBGV8RussiaPresident Vladimir PutinIMO 1011551
LenaRUSSIA-EO14024ZJL8309British Virgin IslandsGennady TimchenkoIMO 959433
Madame GuRUSSIA-EO14024;
ZGCW7Cayman IslandsAndrei SkochIMO 1011331
NegaRUSSIA-EO14024J8Y4483RussiaGelios LLCIMO 130280
OlympiaRUSSIA-EO14024ZCGRCayman IslandsPresident Vladimir PutinIMO 1006960
Sea RhapsodyUKRAINE-EO13661V7VR9Marshall IslandsAndrey KostinIMO 1010648
St. VitaminELECTION-EO13848; UKRAINE-EO13661; CYBER2N/ASt. Vincent and the GrenadinesBeratex GroupMMSI: 375311000
TangoRUSSIA-EO14024E5U354Cook IslandsViktor VekselbergIMO 1010703
ShellestRUSSIA-EO14024UBAO8RussiaNon-Profit Partnership Revival of Maritime TraditionsMMSI: 273385420
Zig Zag Ocean (Formerly Flying Dragon)SDGTV3EL3MaltaSaleh AssiIMO 9752216
Alfa NeroRUSSIA-EO14024ZCTL4Cayman IslandsAndrey GuryevIMO 1009376
AxiomaRUSSIA-EO140249HA3697MaltaDmitry PumpyanskyIMO 9571143


Superyacht Investor will continue to update the table as more information is gathered. For more information on sanctioned aircraft, individuals or entities, please consult Semaphore Intelligence.