US billionaire’s yacht sinks tanker after collision


A gas tanker reportedly rear-ended by the 63m (206ft) Rosinavi superyacht, Utopia IV just off the coast of New Providence Island, Bahamas has sunk. 

Maritime Management LLC, the firm which owns the tanker, reports that its 160ft (48.8m) Tropic Breeze was struck by Utopia IV and sunk on December 24, 2021. Utopia IV is owned by US billionaire, JR Ridinger who was reportedly not onboard for the incident. 

In a statement, Maritime Management said: “The catastrophic force of the collision pierced the stern of the tanker causing the tanker to sink to the ocean floor at an estimated depth of 2,000ft [609m].”

The crew of the Tropic Breeze were uninjured and were rescued by superyacht Amara. It responded to the tanker’s distress call and rescued all seven crew members.

Due to the depth of the ocean at the location of the sinking, it has been determined that the tanker cannot be safely salvaged.

Ridinger released a statement following the incident. He commented: “We are terribly saddened by the collision. The Utopia IV was on charter so we were not on board at the time and therefore cannot offer comment.”

He added: “We are still waiting for answers ourselves and for the investigation as to both vessels’ actions leading up to the collision to be completed.”