Two superyachts fall victim to $20m blaze in Fort Lauderdale


The superyacht blaze is estimated to have caused $20m worth of damage. (Photo credit: FLFR).

Two multi-million dollar superyachts undergoing repairs and refits at the Universal Marine Center shipyard in Fort Lauderdale, Florida have been devastated in a blaze that caused $20m worth of damage.

A spokesman for Fort Lauderdale Fire Rescue (FLFR) department told Superyacht Investor: “We have determined that the fire was not suspicious in nature. The situation has now been turned over to a salvage company and the insurers.” No one was injured in the blaze.

The fire ignited at the Universal Marine docks at 04:30am on Saturday November 16th, according to FLFR. Crews responded to a report of two large yachts on fire.

Video posted by the Fort Lauderdale Fire Department

‘Spreading to other yachts’

“Over the next five hours more than 60 fire fighters and three fire boats would battle this blaze, preventing it from spreading to other yachts in the marine,” FLFR posted on its Facebook site.

“At this time, the fire is under investigation, however it is believed to have started on the 160-foot [48.8-metre] yacht and then spread to the neighbouring 100-foot [30.5-metre] yacht. The estimated loss value of these two boats is in excess of $20m.”

Both vessels were in-water under membrane enclosures and surrounded by scaffolding for repairs and refit work in the yard. One of the luxury yachts was worth between $16m and $18m, while the other was worth between $2m and $4m, according to the firefighter’s information resource Firehouse.

Combat contaminants

Fire authorities together with the Environmental Protection Agency have put measures in place to combat contaminants, such as diese,l leaking into surrounding waterways.

The shipyard underwent regular fire maintenance just two weeks ago, its general manager Laurent Bensoussan told nautical news source The Triton. Repainting of both superyachts was said to be nearly complete as was teak and interior work. One vessel was schedule to leave the yard in about 10 days with the other slated for departure in about three weeks.

The vessels involved in the blaze are understood to be 48.8-metre Christensen superyacht Lohengrin and the 30.5-metre Reflections from Trinity Yachts.


Damping down the superyacht blaze continued the day after the fire began. (Photo credit: FLFR).