Sunreef Yachts appoints Apollo Yachts and Alina Yachts as exclusive dealers


Sunreef Yachts has appointed Appollo Yachts and Alina Yachts as the shipyard’s exclusive dealers. The Polish shipbuilder said that the move is in response to growing demand for its catamaran range.

Apollo Yachts will have exclusive sale rights in South America, Central America and Canada.

“[Sunreef’s] yachts are popular with discerning owners who appreciate their spaciousness, comfort, and performance,” said AJ Blackmon, CEO, Apollo Yachts. “This new agency agreement is of significant importance for Apollo Yachts. It will allow Apollo Yachts to offer its clients a wider range of luxury catamarans, while also providing Sunreef with a strong presence in key markets.”

Alina Yachts on the other hand will be Sunreef’s exclusive deal in Serbia. Founded by Alex Alpert and Nina Pelicic, who both have experience in building technology companies, the pair said plan to leverage their knowledge to reach the expanding superyacht market in the region.

Pelicic, MD, Alina Yachts, said that now is the perfect time to bring Sunreef Yachts to the Balkans. “Growing up on the water, I realised that people were missing a truly customised luxury experience. Sunreef’s combination of luxury and custom designs allows people to spend more time on the water and create their dream yacht,” he said.

Francis Lapp, CEO, Sunreef Yachts said that he anticipates a fruitful business partnership with both firms following the appointments.

“With the increasing interest in yachting and our catamaran models, it was essential to collaborate with seasoned partners who can assist us in delivering a comprehensive customer experience,” said Lapp.