SMS acquires Burgess Marine and Global Services


Southampton Marine Services (SMS) has acquired Burgess Marine and Global Services.

Just over a year after ship repair and refit company Burgess Marine acquired all of yacht service provider Global Services, it went into administration last week. Yesterday, SMS announced it has bought up both companies.

SMS acquired Burgess Marine’s facilities in Lowestoft, Poole and Avonmouth in the UK. It is currently negotiating to operate Burgess Marine’s two Naval facilities in Portsmouth and Devonport.

The Portchester and Dover facilities have not been bought up by SMS as they have not operated at a profit for the last few years.

Chris Norman managing director of SMS said: “It is always sad to see so many people lose their jobs at any time let alone just before Christmas and we are pleased to have been able to save as many as possible.

“On-going negotiations may mean that over the coming weeks we can get permission to operate within the Royal Navy Bases which may mean we can employ even more ex Burgess employees. SMS will now be able to assist ship owners from Lowestoft to Avonmouth to maintain and repair their vessels and with the combined workforce of SMS and our sister companies Wight Shipyard and AMC have close to four hundred skilled shipwrights ready to undertake all the trades required to keep a modern fleet operational.”

“Values and integrity”

SMS purchased the entire shareholding in Global Services and supply chain subsidiary Global Newbuilds. Global Services managing director Richard Gardiner and his team will continue to run operations but will be joined by Peter Morton and Chris Norman from SMS.

Richard Gardiner, managing director of global services, said: “It is reassuring to know that our new owning company has the same values and integrity that Global have had for the past 23 years. With a superyacht owner at the helm, the strong understanding of the industry’s requirements means Global can continue to grow and improve in the positive direction to support our customers as much as possible.”