Sharia Court supports Russian oligarch in a divorce settlement dispute with ex-wife over superyacht


On Wednesday Dubai’s Sharia Court ruled in favour of Russian billionaire, Farkhad Akhmedov against his ex-wife Tatiana Akhmedov regarding ownership of superyacht Luna.

In 2016 an England’s High Court of Justice ruled that Mr Akhmedov pay Ms Akhmedov £453 million as part of a divorce settlement. She reportedly planned to sell the yacht.

The Court in Dubai ignored the judgement by the English High Court effectively giving ownership of Luna back to Mr Akhmedov. Eight months previously the superyacht had been impounded under instructions from the Arab Commercial Courts.

The divorce settlement ordered by the High Court was the largest in UK history. Mr Akhmedov had always strongly resisted the decision arguing they had divorced in Moscow in 2000.

Last month a Russian appeal court supported Tatiana Akhmedov’s claim and ordered Mr Akhmedov to pay her 41% of his fortune.

A spokesman for London law firm, Withers, which is representing Ms Akhmedov said: “All that has been handed down at this stage is the decision. Until we have the full judgement together with reasons, we are unable to comment any further.

“For now, nothing material will change and importantly, Luna will remain in Port Rashid under arrest.” What might happen should the boat leave Dubai remains an open question.