Riva “Superyachts Division” takes shape

Riva Superyachts Division presents two new lines

Riva ‘Superyachts Division’ has presented its two new lines.

Ferretti Group created the Riva ‘Superyachts Division’ in September 2014, with a vision to build light alloy, displacement, fully customisable Riva superyachts.

In the 1960s and 70s Carlo Riva developed the ‘Atlantic’ and ‘Caravelle’ lines, subsequently securing a partnership with CRN. This partnership then saw the creation of six motor yachts in the Marco Polo series, all above 20 metres, and of two Vespucci yachts, 90 and 100 feet in length.

Today, there is now a Riva design and engineering team solely dedicated to the ‘Superyachts Division’ at the Group’s Ancona shipyard. They will work with designer Mauro Micheli and Officina Italiana Design, and Riva’s Sales & Marketing team, on all upcoming projects.

The division has created two different lines based on historic Riva models. The first line draws inspiration from the ‘Caravelle’ whilst the second, sportier, series features details from the last generation of Riva coupé yachts.

The two lines will be available in 50, 60, 70 and 90 metre models.

“We enthusiastically took on the challenge of creating a new Riva superyacht line,” said Mauro Micheli, the founder, and Sergio Beretta, of Officina Italian Design, “which will allow us to prove once more that Italian yacht design can compete on an equal standing with the large North-European shipyards, in terms of both quality and product exclusiveness.”

“The project of a fully custom Riva fleet, named ‘Superyachts Division’, is successfully heading in this direction, not only because it represents an extraordinary leap into the future, but also because, by offering two different lines, Riva will once more be able to meet the refined and sophisticated taste of its very demanding Owners” said Ferretti Group’s CEO, Alberto Galassi. “For this I have to thank above all our shareholders, who have, truly far-sightedly, believed in this new ‘big-boat’ adventure. And my equally heartfelt gratitude also goes to the many working teams involved in this project.”