Nobiskrug launches hybrid superyacht that can operate in total silence


German shipbuilder, Nobiskrug, last week launched a 262ft hybrid superyacht that it claims is capable of operating in total silence. The vessel is hailed by its designer, Gregory C. Marshall, as Nobiskrug’s coolest project to date: “We are super excited that Artefact is seeing the light of day—it’s our coolest project ever!”

Artefact is one of the world’s first superyachts to achieve IMO tier-three accreditation. It does so via 248 feet of solar panels mounted on its sundeck. Which, alongside a battery storage system, means Artefact can operate silently for short bursts without using combustion engines.

Her DC-bus diesel-electric variable-speed Azipod-propulsion and dynamic-positioning systems also aided the IMO’s certification. They make dropping anchor onto an already fragile seafloor unnecessary while ensuring efficiency and lower emissions. Noise and vibration are minimised, while performance is maximised by custom-designed six-blade propellers. Also, the technical systems onboard utilise recycled wastewater thanks to the yacht’s filtering system.

“The core mandate for Artefact was to create something that is not ‘just a regular boat,’” said Marshall.  “This philosophy sounds simple at first reading, but defines the DNA for Artefact to be absolutely exceptional in ways not typically considered even on the largest custom yachts.”

Artefact recently completed sea trials in the North Sea ahead of her launch. Environmental benefits aside, the hybrid superyacht boasts 7,965sqft of glass weighing nearly 60 tons. The ability to look out to every angle is as important as privacy said Marshall and the large windows are an example of this. “You don’t just look out, you look forward, aft, up and down,” said Marshall. “And yet, you can’t see from one space into another.”

While the interior design, overseen by UK-based Reymond Langton Design, has not been revealed Marshall said its “layout and styling are exotic but serve to create an unmatched guest experience.” Artefact has eight staterooms and twelve crew cabins and, in an unusual move for superyacht design, the master suite is located at the aft of the vessel. Traditionally the master room is featured as far forward in the superstructure as possible.

Marshall added: Onboard comfort at sea defined Artefact’s size along with her complement of tenders. A desire to remove noise and vibration at an unmatched level brought her hybrid propulsion system with giant battery banks and electric pod drives. All of this adds up to a stunning yacht that is a remarkable technical achievement for a very special owner with a tremendous vision.”

 Artefact’s cruise and top speed and range have not yet been released.