Mirage: The World’s first invisible superyacht


Mirage will be the world’s first superyacht that has been designed to “disappear” — ensuring owners have total privacy when sailing.

The 160m superyacht is the innovative concept of Dutch agency Vangeest Design.

The secret of Mirage’s invisibility is mirrors positioned along the entire exterior of the yacht ensuring onlookers see only the reflection of the water.

Mirage marks a 35-year collaboration between yacht designer Pieter Van Geest and interior designer Tracey Canavaggio.

Describing the project Vangeest Design said: “Mirage is the translation of our city landscapes, skyscrapers, gigantic, present, anchored, but then again clad with reflective surfaces, blending into the landscape, merging with the environment, giving lightness to the building, an elegant presence embracing its surroundings.”

The developer of Mirage is Italian superyacht constructor Fincantierti which expects the build to take around three and a half years to complete.

The superyacht has the capacity for 14 guests and 17 crew spread across four floors.

The design includes a helipad, theatre, spa, swimming pool and an unfolding outdoor cinema.

With designers constantly striving for new ways to appeal to potential owners, the privacy Mirage offers may well be a new concept that resonates with many.

Describing the venture on its website Fincantierti Yachts said: “”The challenge is not to create something different, but something unique in its philosophy and execution.”