Michel Karsenti buys Canados Shipyard


Rome based shipyard Canados Shipyard has been bought by Michel Karsenti, Yacht-Ology.

Karsenti has had over 12 boats sold and produced at Canados in the past few years, including his own new brand: Oceanic Yachts. The brand was started in 2014 and Canados was contracted to build them.

Karsenti said: “As you can imagine, we did not acquire such an iconic shipyard as the result of a caprice! It’s been a long process and a well thought move. For now, we are busy taking the first steps renovating and putting up-to-date the production facilities as well as the two marinas that are part of the shipyard. We will soon introduce the market with new products. I also want to mention that our aim is to continue building “haut couture” and surely not go for high production numbers.”

Canados started producing vessels for the Italian Navy, Coastguards and Italian Harbor Masters in 1946. In the mid 50’s they started focusing on the yacht market when a representative of a royal family from a small Gulf Emirate requested a yacht for His Highness.

Since then, the shipyard has delivered over 700 yachts.




Canados will now produce three new lines: Canados Yachts, Gladiator Yachts, and Karsenti’s Oceanic Yachts.