Lürssen superyacht hits dry dock door

The Lurssen shipyard in Bremen, Germany.

The Lurssen shipyard in Bremen, Germany.

A 130m+ superyacht has caused significant damage to the doors of a dry dock and injured an employee after an incident at the Lürssen shipyard in Bremen, Germany on Thursday.

The unnamed yacht appears to have collided with the doors from the inside, bending the metalwork. Photos from local media appear to show damage to the bow of the vessel and a large steel bridge partially submerged.

Emergency services were quickly on site to secure the area and treat the employee, said the company.

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“Immediately after the incident, the shipyard initiated all necessary evacuation measures and informed the relevant authorities. The scene of accident was secured together with the police and the Bremen fire brigade. One employee was slightly injured during the incident and was immediately treated by the emergency services,” said Lürssen in a statement.

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