Leader Aviation re-brands as Leader Luxury


Leader Aviation, an e-marketing service for business aviation, has announced its new brand – Leader Luxury.

Leader Luxury reflects the company’s expansion into the yacht market. The relationship between business aviation and the yachting market shares a trend in the clients.

Services included in Leader Luxury are e-broadcasts, web listings, mobile apps, social media marketing and virtual tours.

“We are very pleased to announce our new brand and officially enter the global yacht market,” says Finola Hogan, president, Leader Luxury. “After significant analysis, we concluded that the similarities between the business aircraft and yachting markets greatly outweighed the differences, and the immense benefit of cross-industry promotion became obvious.”

“Our immediate plan is to increase our long-standing presence in business aviation while further developing our new position in yachting, but our ultimate vision is to expand into other high-end markets where the strategy of building a consolidated luxury network brings undeniable value to each industry,” adds Hogan.

Today, Leader Luxury offers approximately 400 business aircraft listings and 80 yacht listings.