Hourly superyacht charter in Sydney Harbour more profitable than weekly


‘Sydney Harbour Exclusives’ in Australia is offering customers the chance to charter superyachts by the hour.

With owners and brokers looking to maximise revenues (particularly during low seasons) the hourly service enables people to experience luxury yachting while generating valuable extra profits.

The service signals a trend to find innovative ways to bolster the market and broaden the potential customer base.

“The world is moving fast with new technologies and exciting new ideas,” said William Kozma director at Sydney Harbour Exclusives. “By adding 4-5-hour charters more people can experience the superyacht life for a fraction of the traditional cost of a weekly charter.”

Australia has a strong domestic superyacht industry but its global appeal is growing and more customers are choosing to charter there. Australia’s Gold Coast Marina and Shipyard recently announced a 20-hectare extension to its site.

Kozma believes young people and social media are driving the success of hourly chartering:

“We do hundreds of event charters every year in Sydney Harbour and the majority are of a younger generation. I think the increase in social media also gave rise to our superyacht charter industry in Sydney. Many people have seen the great experiences online and provides inspiration to do the same.”

With brokers concentrating on traditional weekly bookings Kozma believes hourly chartering that focuses on a new clientele can be more profitable.

“Weekly charters are few and far between here, it may be a different story overseas. During our summer periods some vessels perform up to ten 4-hour charters in Sydney Harbour, which can generate the yacht more income then a standard weekly rate.

“The food and beverage aspect is just as important as the vessel hire. Some of our superyachts are licensed for up to 120 guests inside Sydney Harbour.”

Customers are booking from a variety of places including corporate, PR companies, product launches, birthdays, private families and team building.

“At the beginning when I set up the company, I had to approach owners and prove to them we would become viable charter brokers. These days it’s the complete opposite and new vessels are coming to us.”

Superyachts can be hired at Sydney Harbour for a minimum of 3-4 hours for around $1600 to $4000 US dollars per hour. The company also operates a fully chartered brokerage under their sister company ‘Exclusive Getaway’.