Four new Benetti models launched at Monaco


Benetti Now project will make its debut at the Monaco Yacht Show 2016.

Based at the Livorno shipyard, the new Benetti Now range will be over 50 meters in length and are built from steel and aluminium.

Four models available are: B164 (50 meters), B192 (58.6 meters), B214 (65 meters) and B240 (73 meters).

“With Benetti Now I did what I wanted and Benetti got what it wanted. We worked together to achieve the same goal right from the outset through to the final pencil stroke. This is a winning design because it represents the perfect answer to current market needs. The style is clean and straightforward. I always work to obtain compactness, flowing lines and the right distribution of volumes. If the empty spaces are in the right places, the boat is beautiful. I love to change, but if I had to design these four boats again, I’d do it the exact same way”.

The aim is to simplify ideas for the customers in a yacht over 50 meters long and in the shortest possible time.

Architect: Stefano Natucci & Redman Whiteley Dixon.