Auckland council want to charge superyacht owners at America’s Cup 2021, NZ


Superyachts over 40 metres heading to the New Zealand coast and the city of Auckland for the 2021 America’s Cup could be charged thousands of dollars for anchorage by the city’s local council.

Affectionately know as the ‘Auld Mug’, the America’s Cup is the oldest sporting trophy in the world and is extremely popular with the superyacht community. Many fans travel to the event, which is only held every few years, to experience the global competition close-up.

Auckland council is proposing to charge foreign superyachts which anchor in the Hauraki Gulf long before the America’s Cup even begins.

Under the proposals a 50-metre yacht would be charged $1150 NZ dollars per day.

Speaking to RNZ Auckland councilor Chris Darby said: “”I think the public are going to be very surprised that we don’t already charge for super yachts and we don’t already charge for cargo ships that are moored in public waters.

“And the fee would be small change to the oligarchs that might be coming down from the Mediterranean, the Bahamas, or wherever.”

Former America’s Cup skipper Chris Dickson also spoke to RNZ and said: “It’s open ocean. What on earth is the council doing even suggesting charging users to anchor their boats?”

The final decision is expected to go for public consultation.