Columbus Yachts launches two superyachts

Columbus Yachts launches the Classic 50m and the 40m Sport Hybrid

Columbus Yachts have just launched two new superyachts.
A Classic 57 metre and a second Sport Hybrid 40 metre were launched from one of Palumbo Group’s floating docks in the Port of Naples.
Until now, the Classic 57m has never been revealed or shown. Its is the first Columbus Yachts branded vessel to win at the World Super Yacht Awards.
Columbus Yachts said: “Both yachts were positioned on a floating dock and hidden behind curtains, unveiled in a dramatic moment as performers danced from ribbons that were hung from the bow of the 57m.”
The Sport Hybrid 40m follows the 40S Hybrid launched in August 2013. It won awards at the Show Boat Design Awards 2014 for Interior Design, Environmental Protection and Holistic Design
The recent launches will now undergo sea trials before delivery.
Columbus Yachts also recently presented their Liberty Range, from 33 to 38 metres, and their Oceanic Coupé line.