Canados announces new delivery of Oceanic Yacht 76 GT


Canados delivers Oceanic Yacht 76 GT to its new owner on August, 1 2016.

This new entry-level model of Fast Expedition vessels signifies a milestone for Michel Karsent, the new owner of the Rome shipyard. It was built and delivered from scratch in five months. On the launch day, Karsenti addressed a speech to the employees of Canados:

“I am naturally proud of seeing our first new model build in a record time going in the water today. I am even prouder, that despite the technical complication of this specific model and her 5-month built time, she is delivered only one day late despite 12 days of permissible delays according to contract.” Declared Karsenti.

“But my true pride is to work with people like you. You’ve been working 7 days a week to make a client happy, to deliver a superb yacht and this is the true testimony of the shipyard’s philosophy and what makes Canados so unique…”

Karsenti’s speech continued;

“When we signed the contract, we were convinced that the boat could not be finished at the promised date, but the Oceanic 76’ GT was really the most desirable boat to us. Today, I can say that we both can’t believe what we see. The respect of the delivery time, the incredible quality in the smallest details is beyond expectations! We are, today, very proud to be part of the Canados family. The boat you’ve build for us is is truly a super-yacht in a small boat package. We previously had 5 boats build in Italy and let me say it, Canados represents the epitome of Italian Excellence. Thank you so much!!!!”

The first model was sold before the project had been presented.

The 76’ Oceanic Yacht benefits from the unique displaning stepped hull from Canados allowing the vessel speed to run at a low comfort with reduced fuel consumption. The hull concept still means the boat running at 26 to 30 knots, if the client decided on that power package.

Powering the first model is the twin caterpillar C18 Acert developing 1,150 HP. The cruising speeds vary from 16 to 20 knots and has a maximum of 25 knots.

The Oceanic 76’ offers an excellent outdoor space on both the aft deck and the oversized flying bridge, which is completely protected by the wing-shaped hardtop.

To increase stability, the entire superstructure is made of Kevlar/Aramat to reduce the centre of gravity to the maximum. Oceanic 26 GT has three of four cabin versions on the lower deck and two main deck versions either fully enclosed galley to the front or an open American styled galley aft.

Canados Oceanic Yacht 76 is consistent with the rest of the Oceanic range (the 95’, the 120’ and the 140’) for its easy maintenance, stability and superior marine capabilities. The hand-made interior creates the feel of a super-yacht.