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Day One Monday 14th March

08:00 Registration & refreshments 

09:00 Welcome & opening remarks
Jay Tooker, Partner, Holman Fenwick Willan

09:10 The state of the market: the yard perspective

What is the secret of building yachts?
How can yards support pre-owned values?
What will tomorrow’s buyers want?

Moderator: Jay Tooker, Partner, Holman Fenwick Willan  
Vasco Buonpensiere, Co-Founder, Cantiere delle Marche
Farouk Nefzi, Brand Director, Feadship
Stefano de Vivo, Group Chief Commercial Officer, Ferretti Group

10:00 The state of the market: The broker view
Are there any signs of yacht values hardening?
How can the industry attract new buyers?
Reasons to be optimistic

Moderator: Alasdair Whyte, Editor & Co-founder, Superyacht Investor
Roberto Giorgi, Chairman, Fraser Yachts
Will Christie, Senior Broker, Y.CO

10:45 Morning coffee

11:25 There are only two certainties in the Med: Yachts and taxes
Updates on key jurisdictions: France, Malta, Monaco
Challenges to lease schemes
Does anyone care about harmonising taxes?
What to do when yachts are seized

Moderator: Nic Arnold, Head of Luxury Asset Advisory, PwC
Beatrice Favarel-Veidig, Avocat, Favarel & Partners
Christine Cassar Naudi, Senior Associate, GANADO Advocates
Miguel Ángel Serra Guasch, Principal Associate, Garrigues

12:30 Reducing transaction risks
Managing counterparty risks
Whose deposit is it anyway?
Local laws

Alistair Feeney, Partner, Holman Fenwick Willan

13:00 Lunch

14:15 Chartering yachts
Commercial versus private
What motivates an owner to charter their yacht?
Is it all about money?

Moderator: Alasdair Whyte, Editor & Co-Founder, Superyacht Investor
Timothy Clark, Senior Broker, MySea
Fiona Maureso, President, MYBA – The Worldwide Yachting Association
Geoff Moore, Managing Director, West Nautical

15:05 Strategies for reducing construction financing risks 
What can they do to manage risks?
What risks do they have to live with?
How bad can it get?
Repossession war stories

Panos Pourgourides, Partner, Hill Dickinson

15:30 Afternoon tea

16:05 Helicopters at sea
The state of the yacht market versus the VIP helicopter market
Why new EU regulations may hit existing operations

Moderator: Nigel Watson, CEO, Luviair
William Sturm, Executive Sales Director, Avpro
Captain Alain Viard, Pilot, Helicopt’ex

17:00 Closing remarks
Alasdair Whyte, Editor & Co-founder, Superyacht Investor

17:10 Cocktail reception hosted by Investec

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Day Two Tuesday 15th March

08:30 Breakfast refreshments 

09:00 Opening remarks
Alasdair Whyte, Editor & Co-founder, Superyacht Investor

09:10 Crime and security at sea
Where should owners have sleepless nights?
Rules regarding guns on yachts
What criminal activity should owners and financiers worry about?
How can financiers protect themselves?
New hot spots you should be aware of
ISIS – do they pose a threat to yachting?
Drones – what to expect? What can be done?

Moderator: Rear Admiral Scott Lidbetter, Chairman, Veritas International  
Richard Webb, Managing Director, MarineGuard
Toby Ecuyer, Creative Director, Redman Whiteley Dixon
Andy Young, Managing Director, SPS—Special Projects and Services Limited
Simon Rowland, CEO & Co-founder, 
Veritas International

10:00 Perils of the sea – yacht insurance 2016
Which way for rates?
Are owners over-insuring yachts?
Should owners and financiers worry about the Galatea Case?
Will the Insurance Act of 2016 better protect owners?

Moderator: Paul Miller, Director of Underwriting, Hiscox 
Ben Lind, Senior Yacht Underwriter, AIG
Paul Newton, Senior Yacht Underwriter, AXA Yachting Solutions
Peter Mellett, Managing Director, BankServe
Simon Ballard, Founder, CRS Yachts 

10:50 Morning coffee

11:20 Mind the gaps – which customers are underserved by financiers?
Where are the financing shortages?
Do financiers lack imagination or have too much regulation?
What should borrowers do to get finance?

Bob Atkinson, Partner, B Capital Partners
Leon Batchelor, Managing Director – Marine & Aviation, Arc&Co.
Olivier Milliex, Founder & Managing Director, OMYS Consulting

12:10 Yacht finance 2016
Private banking: The only game in town?
Asset based lenders: managing real asset risk
Does the asset matter at all to private banks?
How can credit committees understand bespoke deals and assets?
Can new asset financiers compete with private banks?
How yachts fare under Basel III and other regulations
Ways to minimise risk after deals have closed

Moderator: Elinor Dautlich, Partner, Holman Fenwick Willan
Olivier Blanchet, Head of Yacht & Shipping Finance Services, BNP Paribas
Alan Randolph, Chief Lending Officer, C1 Bank
Robert Schaeberle, Vice President – Sales, Europe & Russia, CIT
Michel Buffat, Head of Aviation & Yacht Finance Client Relations, Credit Suisse
Jeremy Dean, Head of Shipping & Marine Finance, Investec
Chrystelle Cavernes, Head of Mega Yacht & Business Jet Financing, Société Générale Private Banking

13:00 Lunch

14:30 Navigating the Superyacht Ownership Lifecycle
What are ownership lifecycle, product lifecycle and asset lifecycle?
How does lifecycle discipline affect owners’ long-term luxury experiences?
Total lifecycle value—balancing the emotional, intangible and tangible

Simon Cardiff, Strategy Consultant, Issues in Superyacht Ownership

14:55 The future of the superyacht industry

A lawyer, financier, shipyard, broker, designer and data specialist will conclude the conference by considering the forecast for the superyacht industry.

How big will the market be in 2030?
Will the UHNWIs want yachts?
Are there too many yards?
Will the BRICS come back?
Where will new buyers come from and who will they be?
What will the yacht of the future look like?
Can transactions be simplified?
How should the yacht industry target new buyers?

Moderator: Alasdair Whyte, Editor & Co-founder, Superyacht Investor 
Karin Paggi, Head of Sales, Custom Line

James Lawson, Partner, Hill Dickinson
Jimmy Carroll, Head of Marketing, Winch Design
Will Christie, Broker, Y.CO

15:55 Closing remarks
Alasdair Whyte, Editor & Co-founder, Superyacht Investor

16:00 Afternoon Tea