Pershing 140: the new flagship

Pershing 140 Ferretti Group

Pershing, part of the Ferretti Group, have presented their new flagship – the Pershing 140.

“Last July we showed the Owners that took part in Pershing’s 30th anniversary celebrations in Palma de Majorca the first renderings of the new yacht, and their reaction was exactly like mine is every time I look at the pictures of this new amazing flagship: a shudder of excitement. What we call ‘thrill’ within the Company that only Pershing is able to give” said Ferretti Group’s CEO Alberto Galassi.

“The reaction of the media during the press conference we held in Monaco was the same.
This is why I can’t wait for this incredible vessel to be built: I want to see it growing month after month. I am sure the Pershing 140 will be the greatest ‘thrill’ ever in Pershing’s history.”

Fulvio De Simoni will work in cooperation with Ferretti Group on the exterior.

“This flagship is highly innovative, as typical of the brand’s DNA” – said De Simoni, the founder of Italprojects, who has pencilled all Pershing models since 1985.

“On the other hand, we decided to make the least possible invasive changes, preserving those iconic design elements that make every single Pershing yacht truly unmistakable at first sight.”

There will be a steel grid in the front part of the bow similar to coupé cars, giving the Pershing 140 a “sporty, competitive character”.

The 42.5 metre motoryacht will be built in light alloy and expected to launch in 2018.

Ferretti Group also recently presented the new Custom Line flagship, the Navetta 37. 

Name: Pershing 140

Builder: Pershing, Ferretti Group
Length: 42.53m / 138′ 9″

Exterior: Fulvio De Simoni / Ferreti Group

Guests: four suites
Propulsion: three possible configurations
Hull: light alloy
Superstructure: light alloy