Malcolm McKeon releases superyacht catamaran design concept

Malcolm McKeon Yacht Design

Lymington-based Malcolm McKeon Yacht Design has unveiled an innovative superyacht catamaran concept to the market. The project has been designed in partnership with champion Australian yachtsman Mitch Booth.

BlackCat superyachts will be made completely from carbon fibre and the 50-metre version will be the largest single-structure carbon-fibre yacht in the world. The design will involve extensive use of glass in the superstructure to provide a “light and airy” feel. Each yacht will be capable of reaching 30 knots.

The design will be bespoke to suit the preferences of the customer and will feature a large main deck that “allows for greater flexibility and provides the perfect entertainment platform”, according to the design company.

Other advantages will include lower fuel and crew costs due to its lightweight and low-drag design and ease of sailing, according to the firm.

“I’m thrilled that we’re designing this new style of catamaran. There’s been a space in the market for some time for a large catamaran design that can offer the luxury and quality of a superyacht this size, and also provide this level of stability and high performance.” McKeon said.

“I’ve noticed a heightened interest in catamaran discussions recently, perhaps due to the increased awareness of the America’s Cup racing yachts. This has led to additional research being carried out in various areas, which has been helpful for us in developing the design of this high-performance carbon-fibre ‘supercat’ where the latest building technology and materials will be used,” he added.